Monday, November 16, 2009

My Vegas Itinerary

Ah, it's that glorious time of year. The leaves have fallen, the air is crisp (actually, it's been pretty warm here the past week), and my blogger brethren and sistren start heading into overdrive on the anticipation of the coming Winter Gathering.

I, of course, am no different. The excitement for the upcoming trip continues to increase as the date rapidly approaches. The flight was booked awhile ago, and the rooms at the Bellagio shortly thereafter. Car is rented. Ziplining is booked. Two dinner reservations are made. Golf payments have been forwarded, and the poker tournament has been RSVP'd to.

In other words - all that's left is the waiting. Well, the waiting and maybe a new pair of pants.

So, because you care, here's the general outline of my trip:


- Get in around 10:30pm, check-in, and hit The Strip until my brain stops working


- Up, eat, and head out to Boulder for noon to zipline over Bootleg Canyon - want to come along?
- Back, do some shopping, and then gamble if there's time before dinner at Robuchon
- Dinner at Robuchon. This is where new pants may be needed.
- Mosey over to the IP for degeneracy and the gathering of degenerates
- Gamble and drink until my brain hurts


- Up, eat, and head out to Golf course for to take pictures of the golfing bloggers. Really, I do it to zip around in a golf cart.
- Golf ends, Strip is returned to
- Dinner at Delmonico
- Back to finding bloggerdom. MGM mixed games I believe are in order? Whilst I dislike mixed games, I like the MGM card room
- Gamble until my brain screams at me.


- Up, eat, be amazed that I'm still in Vegas
- Register for poker tournament
- Play in poker tournament
- This period is foggy due to uncertainty of how I'll do in the tournament
- Eventually, everyone will gather at the IP and we'll drink, gamble, and be merry
- Brain thing again


- Get up, be totally sick of Vegas, go home
- Get home, start missing Vegas already


pokerpeaker said...

I AM interested in the zip line, depending on if I can make it. I know my flight's early so really is a possibility. Maybe cost would be a factor.

Astin said...

Cost is $149, and we're starting at noon. Which means we're probably heading out around 11:00-11:15 (need time to sign waivers, run credit cards, harness up, etc.). There'll be room in the car, so a ride is possible if the timing works for you.

pokerpeaker said...

I will keep it in mind and text you that day - give me your number - either way. Obviously do not wait for me. But I think it would be really sweet.

alan said...

Why is the zipline on Thursday again? Dammit.

OhCaptain said...

I won't get to Vegas until Thursday night so zip line is out...quit the Thursday thing and maybe...or maybe not.

Astin said...

Peaker - will do. Not sure if they'll have spots last minute, but I can call them when you text me and find out. I don't think they were full last year.

Alan - Golf on Friday, poker on Saturday, leave on Sunday. Hence, zipline on Thursday. Sorry.

lj said...

^^^^ jealous ^^^^^

trip sounds awesome.