Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It's really not that hard to spell people.

The Mookie is tonight! In all its Mookieliciousness! It's Mooktastic! Mookerrific! Un-be-mookin'-lievable!

10pm ET, Full Tilt, private tournaments, pw: vegas1, yadda, yadda.

Anybody remember Mookie Wilson? Anybody other than Torontonians remember when he played for the Jays and was a fan favourite here? Yah, he wasn't always a Met.


Okay, so my major problem in the BBT5 has been building enough of a chipstack to make a serious run in the middle-late stages. Making the final table with 1/2 the average is no way to win.

So why do I keep doing this? Because I'm not taking enough shots early on? Not paying enough attention to my opponents' moves? Just being card dead at the wrong times?

Probably all of those, plus lapses in positional awareness, and fear of the slowplay. I usually fall prey to chasing the wrong hand at least once and then having to walk away on the river when I've got a steaming pile of nothing.

So I've been prepping by playing a few games that I couldn't care less about. $1 SnG's. Some with regular blind levels, some super-turbos. The goal? To push around some players who I can be relatively confident aren't doing anything more than playing the cards in front of them.

No, I'm not saying all the bloggers follow this pattern. I'd hope that by now there's been some evolution. But it's to drive up my aggression and confidence a bit. This isn't a "raise or fold" experiment, but an exercise in table domination. The goal of these game is to grab a choke hold of the table and not let go. To strike fear into the other players. In the rare occurrence I run into another alpha at my table, I play with other strategies.

So far, so good. Let's see if it pays some dividends.

I fully expect to find myself at a table with every semi-pro big-game playing blogger in our group tonight... in which case, I'll just peddle some nuts.


Unknown said...


Moookie Polooooo

Let the man rest with his kids and relax in the Blogger Retirement home.

I think we've played against each other so long that we know the moves and side moves.

Just patience is all ya need.

I've tried to be not so nitty and it isn't paying off yet.

I just have to win a race or two and realize that "At least I'm not Wawfuls!"

Wolfshead said...

Can you strike fear into a guy only playing the cards in front of him? By his very nature that's hard to do because he never thinks of the possibilities the board brings. If he has top, top he rarely looks at the 3 suited or connected on the board so playing the float or scare card is virtually impossible. If he has a draw he only thinks of the possiblities if he hits, never the consequences if he doesn't so it's hard to bet him off it.

So how did your training go?

Astin said...

Wolfshead - Surprisingly, yes. But I don't think it's because they become aware of the board, they just keep seeing me win, and my ever-growing stack, and assume they've lost. The cards don't matter as much anymore, but they don't move to level 2, they just regress to "I never win."

Went well. Dominated the $1 games, had a good run in the $2 one. Net up almost enough for lunch. :)

Dawn Summers said...

Mookie was a Met when it mattered! When are you coming to New York? You can take a picture with his head at the Mets Hall of Fame museum! (Wait, you did say you already saw the big ball of twine, right?)

Astin said...

Dawn - no idea when/if I'm coming. Vacation plans are all over the place right now.