Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh Bell

Bell = Big giant phone/Internet/TV company here in Canada.

Me = Customer who has phone/cell/Internet through them.

I've been coming home to "1 missed call" on my land line for weeks now. Some 1-866 number. No messages, just the caller ID letting me know I've been missing a call. I look it up, it's one of Bell's 3rd party call centres.

They finally called when I was home, and I decided to pick up to tell them to go away.

Turns out, they want to upgrade my Internet service (quel surprise!). I'm currently paying $x/month for the ol' busted service that they really don't want me on (so much so, they up my price by $5 every 6 months). But hey! I can get their NEW service for $(x-5)/month and have double the speed! Hell, it'll be $(x-10)/month if I have other services and bundle! (It won't, because my cell is corporate plan). So I'll just sign you up then?


Wha? HUH? Why not! Faster! Cheaper! Awesomer!

Because I said no.

But? But? B-b-b-ut?

I don't want to be on a new contract.

No contract!

Also, you don't want me on my current plan because I'm one of the last blips on your "no download cap" map since I've had this plan for 5 years.

Yah, but this new one has a cap of 50 GB! No WAY you'd beat that! I'll check!

[insert silence]

So you're average is... umm.. 39.6 GB. Err... and your highest is... umm... 60GB. Oh. Well for $5 more you can add 40 GB!

So right now, when no new TV is on, and I'm not grabbing torrents or streaming shows, I've got an average of 40GB per month. Netflix is coming to Canada as a streaming service. More shows are going online every moment. Steam is my main means of buying games that are many GB in size. Games, even not online ones, send data back and forth. Every piece of software I own gets updates. My blu-ray player connects to the Internet. My Wii does. You don't think I'd eat up that extra cap space in no time? And that $5 extra means I'd be paying exactly the same amount as I am now. For what? A fake maximum speed that will never be achieved because you throttle traffic during peak hours and your fiber optic network is to-the-node and not to-the-door so I'm still bottlenecked by copper wire?

Umm... er... Yes?

I'm not interested. If I find myself interested, I'll call Bell.

I'll make a note... thank you for your time.

No problem, bye.

I can't wait to see if that number is on my phone when I get home.


Wolfshead said...

Love it.

Having a similar problem with Verizon here. They're trying to get rid of the service plan I'm on so in the interest of "improving" their service they are getting rid of certain channels on our TV but I can get said channels and much more if I switch to one of their new plans. I'll also get a higher speed on my internet connection. Gee, since when is getting rid of channels an improvement in service. Comcast did it and thats one of the reasons I switched to Verizon.

Josie said...

Sorry to be off topic but I'm still reading your food posts. Seriously dude, omg, we do so many things so similarly.....marinating the chicken in yogurt, yup! meat marinade very similar. Hell, none of my friends use roasted garlic salt but you do....hell I even posted my Superbowl Menu on facebook last year but HEMP PESTO? I've never heard of it.

Really enjoying the food reads and getting lots of ideas!

Drizztdj said...

My wife the techno-phobe is considering Netflix, but doesn't know that our internet connection has a cap on it.