Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crunch Time

Last night a reprieve was given.

The class I like least (and in fact, don't like at all), was made slightly more bearable with the question, "How do you all feel about an extension?"

So an essay I've barely begun has been postponed a week. Whew.

Still, 1000 photos are due on Monday. I have 1850 to choose from, but it might be tight after doubles (triples, dodecatuples, etc.), shots I don't like, HDR processing, stitching, and everything else is done to them. At the moment, I haven't finished with my initial round of picks.

Will it be tight? I don't think so. I plan to work on them more tonight, and Saturday, and Sunday. At some point I'll have to remember not to overdo it - that not every shot has to be processed and perfectly recomposed. That 1000 pictures will not be scrutinized for 20 people. It certainly seems more do-able now that the essay is due a week later.

Which will of course be what takes up next weekend. Then there's the 2 projects for my third course to work on.

School... I forgot about the homework part.

I miss poker.


Wolfshead said...

Ut-oh, no Vegas for you. You have homework to do

Unknown said...

I just do both!

Sad thing is my last week of the quarter lands on the WPBT weekend... going to be up all night finishing finals and final projects for the weekend prior.

No way am I bringing a textbook.

Astin said...

Drizz - that's my second last week, so I'm happily skipping two classes.

But exam is on the following Wednesday, so I have to study my ass off before and after.