Friday, May 06, 2011

BBQ Sauce

Yellow onion - chopped and sweated in oil and butter
3 cloves garlic - minced and tossed in onions for 2 min
Brown sugar
Worcestershire sauce
Cider vinegar
White vinegar
Smokey BBQ vinegar
Juice of 1/2 a lemon
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Orange peel powder
Smoked paprika
Roasted garlic salt
Hickory smoked salt
Alderwood smoked salt
Habanero salt
Ghost pepper salt
Black pepper
Ground ghost pepper
Habanero powder
Cayenne powder
Chipotle powder
Ancho chili powder
Chipotle Tabasco
Liquid smoke
Penzeys Northwoods Fire seasoning
Dried jalapeno flakes
Susie's teardrops
Susie's original hot sauce
Smoked chipotle hot sauce
Soy sauce
High fat cocoa powder
Apricot Wheat beer
Jack Daniels

I think that's it...

Stir and boil... blend with immersion blender (if it's metal. Plastic blenders will have to wait until cool). Simmer to reduce.

Sweet, spicy, BBQ sauce. I could probably remove half those ingredients without noticing a difference... or maybe not. It mellows substantially when cooked on chicken. I now have a large squeezable ketchup bottle full of the stuff. Better find me some ribs.


KenP said...

The loss of online poker has left you with too much time on your hands.

Astin said...

What loss? Still accessible and legal up here.

And that's not an uncommon list for me when it comes to putting relatively simple things together. A tuna salad can be a small chemical engineering project when I'm involved.

I need to simplify...

BamBam said...

Yank the Nutmeg. Despite the complexity of the ingredients, Nutmeg has a way of dominating/altering the flavours.

(I know, I know.... you know!)

I have a VERY similar recipe. I sub 3/4 TSP. of Durkees, (Frank's RedHot. YES! I know you know that too!) for the Nutmeg and at the last let's say.... 15 MINS? I add 1/4 TSP. of fresh ground Cocoa.

For me, both add a hint of smokeyness, yet remain in the background as a tease.

The sauce on Pork, Chicken, Beef or heaven forbid, we forget damn near any firm and semi-oily white FISH! (added as a last minute thought, of course) makes guys like us look like we just may happen to know, what it is we are trying to do.