Monday, October 31, 2011


Class continues on. More assignments asked for, more completed.

First up: Take an architectural elevation.

What's that?

Oh, well, it's this thing where you take a picture of a building flat on and make it as dull as possible.

Ah, like this?

Nice Dome

Not boring enough, but pretty good. Sky is wrong.

Well, I think it's better than the blown-out white it was before. But yah, the blending is amateur hour.

Next up: Make me an ad! You have 1.8 seconds to sell me something!

Okay, how about beer?

'Tis The Season

Ew, they make pumpkin beer?

It worked! I rule the school!

Finally: Take some urban street photography.

What's that?

Oh, well, it's this thing where you take a picture that is structured and is from the street. Here are some disparate examples with no obvious commonalities.

Uh... thanks. I'm not sure about any of my pictures because I'm not clear on what you want, but this one kind of reminds me of one of the examples, only much more modern and colourful.


That's exactly what I'm looking for! Here's some small nebulous critique about composition that could maybe still be okay.

Really? That's it? Sweet. Maybe I can trip into a pot of gold cushioned by lingerie models next...

Huh? No picture.... damn.

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