Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nothing Simple

How does one make a tuna melt?

I assume that it's a can of tuna, some mayo, salt, pepper, maybe green onion and celery? Mix it together, put it on a bagel and cover with some cheddar?


Or there's me.

Can of tuna. Check.
Green onion. Check.
Celery. Check.
Pepper. Check.

Roasted garlic salt. Check.
Sweet smoked paprika. Check.
Ground coriander seed. Check
Fresh thyme. Check.
Dried dill weed. Check.
Cayenne pepper. Check.

Mayo? Ummm.
How about Miracle Whip? Mixed with some sesame oil, thai fish sauce, soy sauce, and Susie's Original hot sauce? Check.

Combine. Put on top of sourdough bagel.

Grate some cheese. Three varieties of applewood smoked English cheddar, gruyere, and some delicious herbed cheese I forgot I had. Cover the tuna with it.


And to think... I was craving baked beans earlier. Forgot about those...