Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Every Freaking Time

I'll be the first to admit when I'm not playing well.

I'm not playing well.

But beside my poor play, I'm once again playing with decks that contain 12 aces, but none of them coming to me. Seriously, how many times can I take a pair against A-rag and see the A hit by the river? Oh, that's right... EVERY time.

Shove the dollar up your ass.

Which, lucky for me, led to a break-even night. Which is far better than my usual returns, or lack thereof, of late.

It boils down to boredom. I fire up a game because I THINK I want to play, then at some point, I realize I really want to play something else, or watch something, or sleep, or SOMETHING other than click the fold button for half an hour before mixing it up by raising a middling hand and folding to two re-raises.

Then, of course, I realize I have a few hundred sitting on Bodog, and I never play there, because the client is SOOOOOO terrible. Maybe trying to figure out an efficient means of using it will present an interesting challenge.


Champ said...

The beginner SnG's on Bodog are SUPER soft and profitable. You have to have something like under 100 SnG's to qualify...so its truly a newbie filled game. And they fill regularly!

Game selection FTW! When I get bored, I just fluff off chips.

bastinptc said...

What would you do with a naked Ace anyway?

That's right.