Monday, February 22, 2010

A Quandry

So SCOOP is starting up at Stars. I don't play nearly enough at Stars anymore. Then again, I probably have more money than is healthy in various sites around the world that I don't even have the clients installed for anymore. Cash-out? What's that?

And they're all "hey, why not write up 5 posts that includes a magic phrase and a link back to us and we'll totally give you a $22 ticket. If we REALLY like your stuff, we'll give you a $109 ticket!"

But that... that goes against my "I hate those fucking posts that are nothing more than screens to hide a link in for some paid advertising. They're a blight on my Google Reader!"

I see what I did there.

But it could be fun. I could write truly terrible and sarcastic posts that use their magic phrases in not-so-creative-but-I-still-like-it ways. And if they can take a joke or five, maybe I'll win a $109 ticket to a tournament I stand almost no chance of winning!

Because let's be honest - $22? Really? I know Bloggers are broke-ass degenerates, but that's $4.40 per post. That's a fucking frappuccino or some other shitty Starsucks "drink". $109 + $22 though? $131? That's gettin-me-some-ribs money.

I also don't like the words "required tasks". Makes me feel like Jigsaw is lording over me and there's a key behind my eyeball.

So... whore this space out for a chance at "why, yes, I'd love some extra sauce" cashola, or just ignore it all? Decisions, decisions...


BamBam said...

You make me laugh so.

I <3 perfectly cooked Elk AND, not-so-mild sarcasm.

Yes, these are a few of my favourite things.

OhCaptain said...

I'm skipping it. $22 tournament that I'll forget to play, not too inspiring. Let me get rid of my stupid avatar...well, maybe.

KenP said...

Hey, they screwed folks worse with that logo insert for their "Blogger Freeroll".

I yelled about it at the time. They got SEO points out the wazzo and screwed all you suckers in the process.

PartyPoker gave me $25 real money to add a (ONE!!!) link and that nothing special text in an old post. That is one post link on a modest blgo is worth and there was no requirement to love them.

I put NO LINKS to online business without cash. Hell, I'd rather go beg at the tables for mobney. Seems more ethical.

Memphis MOJO said...

I got one of the same e-mails from Poker Stars. Pretty insulting, actually.

Jordan said...

I kept quiet this year, but I did not play in the PokerStars Blogger Freeroll for the very reasons you suggest. In fact, I skipped it the last 3 years, and this was the first year when I didn't explain why, because I find that it can upset some people.

All that said, the question is how well to you value your blog and your reputation. I don't have any problems with accepting ads, and its up to the individual to set their own rates, but I have turned down more than a few offers because they were too low and that would bring down the value of my blog and reputation.

That said, there are ways to integrate a link without giving crap content. I had a lot of fun writing a post about Tuna Club where I had to fit in three or four particular words or phrases for links. It made for some creative writing because my #1 goal was to put out a good post with the links incidental.

Jordan said...

BTW, I didn't get the offer, so I'm guessing PokerStars is going off of their Blogger tournament list.