Friday, December 30, 2011

Vegas Photos

Many of these made it into the trip report. Some didn't. I hope you like them.  The whole set can be found here. Nearly every one looks better viewed larger, so I suggest clicking on them. It's about time I redid this place so it was more photo-friendly.

The Best
The best gin & tonic I've had. Can't wait for the next.

This guy started our Neon Boneyard tour

Yucca tree, in neon

Sassy One
The signs just pile up. I keep seeing this as Sassy Sally's Binions

Some bits and pieces may someday spell something.


Skull in the Desert
Giant skull. Desert. Not creepy at all.

Sunset Behind the Strip
I think this is my favourite shot from the whole trip.

View From the A
Really, not that bad a view.

Away from the Madness
This one is close to my favourite.

Curve Away
And this one gives the favourite a run for its money too.

Come and Go
I spent far too much time playing with long exposures.

Welcome to Crystals
Without the 3D effect, it's actually kind of a dull shot.

Kept a-Rollin'
Bellagio's winter display.

Paris, But Not
Not really Paris

Misplaced Lady Liberty
Also, not New York, but don't tell the Post Office

Motley Group
Most of the reasons I went in the first place. Good eggs, every one.

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Memphis MOJO said...

lots of great shots, but your favorite is most awesomest!