Tuesday, January 03, 2012


I'll be honest - I have about zero willpower. Occasionally I'm able to tear myself away from cravings and desires, but most of the time? Hand in the cookie jar, exercise not done, and decisions that are more fun than good.

So far, it's worked out okay.

But I'll make some resolutions anyway.  Maybe putting them in ethereal ink in this here space will make them more real.

- In bed by midnight on work nights. Not necessarily asleep, but in bed. Because once I'm under the covers, I'm less likely to find a thousand things to keep me from going to bed.

- Lose 25lbs. Half a pound a week should be do-able, right? 190.4 as of this morning. 165 by New Year's Eve would be sweet.

- Swim more. I pay for a pool.  It's an elevator ride away. I've used it maybe three or four times in 7 years, none of those since they converted it to a salt water pool something like a year and half ago. And I LOVE swimming. I also pay for a gym and squash court that are just as conveniently located, but let's be realistic here.

- Get off my ass and do something when I think about doing it. Instead of putting aside for later. Seriously, it takes an hour to do my taxes and I get them in late every year (and I mean LATE). Piles of crap build up because I don't bother to deal with them. Dust develops sentience because I don't grab the swiffer and spend 5 seconds wiping down a shelf. I'm not talking epic tasks here, just the little things.  Which reminds me that I have a mail-in rebate to fill out when I get home.

- Organize my photos and get some displayed already.  I have over 35,000 images that I took sitting on my computer. Maybe 1/4 of them are tagged.  That same number could probably be deleted without being missed. The New Years weekend had no small amount of time spent keywording these things, and that's where it stands. As for displaying - there's a Vegas sunrise photo hanging in at least 3 or 4 people's homes (if not more), but not mine. I have a metallic print of it sitting in my closet. It should go in a frame. So should about half a dozen others. And dozens more should be in the digital frame gathering dust next to my computer (see the above resolution). That doesn't even get to the half a dozen other prints and original pieces of art I've bought over the years that aren't up.  I suck.

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Shrike said...

I'm going to go to the next WPBT. (Really, honest). I'm at about the same weight and same target weight as you are. We should make a bet and have a weigh-in next December.