Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gorillas in the Park

In my (slowly moving) efforts to work through my tens of thousands of photos, I have finally finished processing images from my Disney/Universal trip from September of 2010.  Sadly, I'm not working in chronological order, so this is no indication of where I am.  Still, 1600 images whittled to 350 keepers ain't too shabby.

My favourites from the batch are of the Gorillas in Disneys Animal Kingdom. I find primates fascinating, as I'm sure many humans do. How anyone can see apes and think "naw, we're not related" is beyond me.

As is often the case, I suggest checking out the larger versions.

Lick it Clean

Nothing to Do But Think

Think Think Think

Peace and Concern



KenP said...

I'm sure some of those who've run into you in Vegas would see the family resemblance you're bragging up.

VinNay said...

Dang. I really like the last shot.

Astin said...

Thanks, it's possibly my favourite of the whole trip.