Thursday, April 05, 2012

Play Ball!

Because it has to be said: Leafs can still achieve 3rd worst in the league! C'mon! You can do it!

Okay, Jays again.  Their season kicks off in 15 minutes, and they've gone and brought something to this city we haven't had in a while, sports-wise - hope.

The line last night was "If optimism was all it took to win the World Series, you could have the trophy to Toronto right now."

Of course, optimism doesn't actually get anybody out, or score any runs, so it ain't quite enough to cut it.

And as I've said before - the realist in me knows that we probably aren't seeing much October baseball  this season, but I am looking for some surprises and a bit of a fight for 3rd at the very least. A young team with confidence coming out of spring training can mean a strong start. But more importantly, management and coaching and the players have all realized that they still have to play in June, July, August and September.  Depth is a keyword this year. Depth on the roster, depth on the farm, depth to fill holes created by injuries and under-performance.  Talented guys champing at the bit in AAA, and even AA ball, waiting for their shot.

I've got my ticket for Monday's home opener.  I can't wait.

Because I'll be damned, I'm actually legitimately excited about the Jays again.


VinNay said...

Jays will probably be better than Baltimore, so you have that going for you.

Shrike said...

We are probably going to challenge for third place in the division.

Of course, with the expanded playoffs, we might actually have a shot at some October games.


Memphis MOJO said...

I've got my ticket for Monday's home opener.

I'm jealous. Enjoy.

lightning36 said...

Many people believe that the Jays are on the cusp of being right in it with the other big teams in what is arguably the best division in baseball.