Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Best Camera...

... is the one you have with you.

A familiar photography adage, often brought up when people are fighting over whether their Canon or Nikon is better than your Nikon or Canon or phone. Funny thing about adages is that they tend to be true.

After my latest course wrapped up, I let my DSLR sit. Life was busy, the weather was erratic, and I was a bit photographically burnt out. I picked it back up for my trip to Montreal, and those pics will get processed and up somewhere eventually.

That's not to say opportunities for a picture didn't pop up though, and my iPhone is pretty much always in my pocket. So it became my default camera.  It's noisy, low-res, not particularly sharp, and in general a technically mediocre camera, but it was what I had with me. With a little in-camera futzing and tinkering, and about 4 different camera apps, some decent results could be turned out.

I figure I'll dump them here, in no particular order.

High Park

Art, I Suppose

To the Cosmo



Suburban Sunset

Desk Cow

Blue Flame

Nice Dress

Melancholy Auto

2 3


Emergency by the Pit

As always, they can be embiggened by clicking.

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Memphis MOJO said...

These are very good shots. I've found my phone camera is good if the light is good. Otherwise, not so much.