Friday, June 15, 2012

Up a Political Level

Tiny bit about the beauty of political nannyism from a Provincial level.

A while back, our Provincial government mandated that only healthy food be served in school cafeterias. No more fried crap and other unhealthy options that teenagers devour. Why? Because teens are morons who don't know better obviously. I'd kill for my teenage metabolism.

Seriously, large double Big Mac combo with a double Big Mac on the side with no weight gain. Man, I miss those days. Seems like only 30 lbs ago...

Anyway, since teenagers aren't generally held captive in their schools at lunch time around here, they all went across the road to their local malls and plazas to spend their money at the fast food establishments there instead of in the caf. Oh, yah, because they also pay for their meals.

Result? A few dozen school cafeterias are being shut down in the latest round of school board cuts because they've become money-losers after they couldn't sell cheap crap anymore.

Which means that the healthy option provided by those cafeterias is now gone, leaving... the same (or worse) crap food that they kids had before, except now the money goes to businesses instead of the schools.



KenP said...


Isn't what you are saying is:

The private sector is superior to government run business. And they can't legislate that away.

Child entrepreneurs have even been caught selling pop out of their lockers when vending machines went "healthy". Love it. Bulkier than a baggy though.

Astin said...

I think the government has roles to play where the private sector would fail in the real world. This is not one of them.

Although what the gov't did here was reveal the level of competition they are in with the private sector in this area, and they lost miserably. Once again, a poorly thought-out piece of legislation that I'm sure sounded good on the surface, but had no basis in reality.

SirFWALGMan said...

Obviously the solution is to lock the children in the school until they eat the terrible food.

Astin said...

Exactly! If the kids were a captive audience, then the legislation would have worked far better. It's this damned freedom they're allowed that screws it all up.