Monday, December 18, 2006


Sometime I'll get that Banff report up. Have I mentioned my tendency to procrastinate? Anyway, spent a good chunk of yesterday at Niagara Fallsview. It was a buddy's birthday, and he had a poker hankering. He didn't win.

I've never played poker at the Fallsview before. I think they've expanded their poker room since the last time I was there though. 1/2 NLHE, $100 max buy-in (does this not seem small?). I repeated my performance with Joanne in Calgary - ie.- I was card dead at a loose table. Up until the last 30 min I played, my best hands had been pocket deuces twice, pocket 8's once (the only hand I was able to take at that point - woohoo $5!), and a couple AJ (one off, one suited). The last 30 min went better card-wise, with pocket J's, flopped straights, pocket 10's that ended up being useless when the board became a straight... but we were down to 4-handed at that point, and I split 2 pots. It was enough that I walked away down only $90 instead of $160. It's a shame really, because I was able to read every player at the table but couldn't do anything about it.

From there it was slots, slots, and s'more slots. Not my night for slots. The other slot players were out and had staked out the machines I wanted. More slot reserving going on, I really need to see if that's legit. I did have fun with the Double Diamond burger slot though, getting to the side game plenty, to win $55 on a quarter machine. But I stuck those winnings right back into the casino.

And of course... craps. I FINALLY had a winning craps session again, and to top it off, *I* was the reason for it. I had a solid roll going for awhile once the table moved up to $15... winning around $300 or so. I gave some of that back before leaving though. All-in-all, I ended up down on the night, but had a blast nonetheless.

Yup, fairly small amounts, but I'm hardly trying to make a living off of gambling.

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