Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What's That Behind Me?

Why, it's the bubble! Played the WWdN last night... 40 players I believe. Played my game, but experimented a bit with some things, and played much looser in the early levels. Kept running into one player early on who played her hands VERY passively. She appeared to have little faith in her weak aces or mid-pairs, but happily called down. This just meant that I only kept betting into her when I had a strong hand, as did the rest of the table until she got knocked down a fair bit and got moved.

Anyway, managed to survive being the short-stack a few times. I hung on to the final table, and played short-stack poker from there on until I was back up to a decent level. In the end, with 5 left (in the money!), and an M around 5, my pocket 4's ran into WigginX's AT which caught an A on the flop. Still, nice to cash after bubbling in the Hoy last night. A shame that I lost to the guy who came in second though :). Congrats to Pisco Bandito for the win. Although it chafes a bit that my TWO pocket Ace's (with one hand in between) got zero callers, and he becomes the chip leader on his :).

After more Christmas shopping and the catching up on the backlog of chores at home, I MIGHT play in the Mookie tonight. 2 decent nights of poker... would like to make it 3


I'm getting a touch annoyed with Google pushing the New Blogger on me. I don't want a Google account. Leave. Me. Alone.

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Pisco Bandito said...

No! I didn't become chip leader on mine. It was a few hands later ;)