Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hoy Boy

Damn I'm punny! Anyway, I played in The Hoy last night... after heading out for a "drink or two" with a couple coworkers. 4 (5?) Vodka+Sodas later I'm heading home, with time to spare before the cards start flying. Now I was good and tipsy... beyond buzzed, but not yet a full-fledged drunk. Still, playing poker in the state is not recommended. Generally. To compound the difficulty, I decided to open up a $3 Rebuy to the Saturday PCA tourney (I thought that was wrapped up? Who knows what I was playing). I love rebuys and haven't played in one since the WSOP qualifiers.

So, time for some MATH (ha! I kill me)... 4 (5?) drinks + Das Hoy + Rebuy madness = WTF was I thinking? I have a hard enough time multi-tabling, let alone between a solid blogger tourney and the fish pond that is a $3 rebuy.

Final results? I finished something like 78/1014 in the rebuy, and 4th (stupid bubble) in The Hoy. I think I played alright... generally stuck to my game, got away when I needed to, and upped the aggression when necessary. In the end, short-stacked, I moved all-in with AT, and was called by 64 or somesuch... with a flop that came 537, giving my esteemed opponent a straight and me nothing. It was that kind of game though, especially on the bubble - suckouts and unbelieveable boards for everyone.

But I wonder how I would have done sober (which I pretty much was by the end)... I think I maybe was extra cautious with my middling hands, just like the teenager who comes home and tries his best to act sober by being extra deliberate in all his motions.

Regardless, tonight will be a night of sobriety... and perhaps a visit to the WWdN, if I get my shit done in time.

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