Monday, October 23, 2006

Door Number 2

Well, donked away more than a few bucks in token events at FT over the past week in an effort to get into The Big Game. I'm sure others have spent waaaay more than me in the effort, but eventually I figured it was cheaper for me to buy in directly. So I did.. I mean, over $1,000 for first wasn't a bad haul.

38 entrants, I went out 15th if I recall correctly. My QQ (M=1) met KTd, and I said (to nobody in particular, since I was alone), "Here come the tens." Flush draw for my esteemed opponent on the flop, but that didn't hit... noooooo... T on the turn, and T on the river sends me home. I guess it was just ending it quickly and painlessly. I blame nobody but myself and HighOnPokr, who I can only assume lives 2 minutes in the future, and therefore knows when I'm betting on either a medium-strength hand or a draw so he re-raises me when scarier cards are there. Why this assumption and not that he's just a pushmonkey? Because he's NOT in the hands where I actually have something strong.

Congrats to Iakaris for cashing, and Kat for bubbling at 6th. I can imagine she was ready to snap when she went out so close to the money (cowboys killed by a straight). That said, for someone who was complaining about her terrible play a couple weeks ago, she's doing remarkably well of late in the blogger events. And of course, congrats to Lucko for the 1st place finish.

It was a good time, and I'm not that surprised by the turnout. The blogger events are generally played for fun. Where else can you get potentially hours of entertainment for $10? Even The Hoy's $20 buy-in is reasonable, but it scares away some people. All that said, I don't think there are many in the games who are playing simply to throw away money. We all take pride in our game, our traps and strategies, and our bluffs. A bigger prize, and a bigger buy-in was definitely called-for, and letting people token in was a great move -- it allowed the same level of fun, but with more on the line. Good job Don, and thanks.


katitude said...

*grins...hun, not "ready" to snap...I snapped. Phil Hellmuth sty;e behaviour...good thin I was alone @ home coz it wasn't pretty.

Good game A, and man, you NEED to get a yahoo ID so you can join the girlie chat thing!

Astin said...

Well, I didn't want to presume that you would lose your cool. I mean, really, who'd imagine that? :)

Yah, I'll look into setting that up tonight or something. That's what I need... more distractions.

slb159 said...

Nice work'll be ITM in the next one for sure. You placed better than me after Kat took all my chips. See you at the next Big Game.