Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Question

But first... did okay in the Hoy tonight. Finished 6th.. top 5 paid. 30-something people in it I think. I basically hung on by my fingernails the whole time, with the odd double-up to keep me going. I was fighting mega-tilt after dropping my entire stack in about 10 min in a 1/2 NL game.

The first round win for the Poker classic I got the night before is small comfort. Maybe if I make it past round 2, I'll feel better.

To rectify this? I donked off another stack in 1/2 NL just now.

Ok... so I bet far more in Vegas than what I've lost tonight. I have a great job that pays me very well, and my bankroll COULD be more than what it is. So I guess the question is - should I increase it so that losses like this don't upset me as much? Or is it safer that I play with this artificial limit and be annoyed? Bearing in mind that my stake for one live cash game is about equal to my entire roll for an online site?



Guin said...

I try to leave enough on a site that I can lose a couple buyins and still play my normal game.

Online play at lower monitary amounts is much better than live events I find. Always one guy who is just out to play some poker who is willing to donate.

That being said I will do what I can to get my usual donators out next week. Got a guy up from NY who knows how to play but only through playing with buddies... should be fun.

Astin said...

Can't wait to see how your NY patsy...er.. client does :)