Thursday, October 05, 2006


Ok, I have screen shots and stuff... but screw 'em.

A quick rundown of my past couple days... since my cash game losses at least.

Poker Classic on FCP - Won level 2, now into level 3, but I won't have time for that until next weekend -- too much going on for Thanksgiving. I dominated the game. What I liked was all I had to do was wait out a ticket placing, but decided to keep playing anyway, and built my lead instead. Once the tickets were awarded (top 6), it became an all-in fest... and I finished 3rd. Not bad for waking up 8 minutes before the game started. Let's see how level 3 goes.

Live game - Visted the new digs for the club. They'll be pretty nice when all is done. Played the usual $40 freezeout - finished 9th/24 (top 4 paid). Then hit the cash game and disaster struck. I was playing solid poker... was down a few bucks from my initial $200... and found pocket Ks. I raised pre-flop to 5x the BB, and got one caller, right after me. Flop comes 6sAsKh... I check, check behind me. Turn comes Js. Shit. Spade flush. I put out a pot-sized bet and get raised all-in. I think. No, she doesn't have the flush. She definitely has an Ace, or a high spade. Maybe AK even (although odds are small). I call... and she flips over pocket rockets. Another J on the river, and it's Aces full of Jacks killing my Kings full of Jacks. Big sympathy from the table, and general disbelief. I get home JUST in time to miss the Mookie.

So I play in the second chance. It's $5, and I'm tilty. So I play wild... and do pretty well. Top 3 pay... I go out 4th. It was relieving to play like a complete donkey (as opposed to my half-assed usual).

Finally - donk2shark and WWDN Not tonight... out early in both.... cuz I really shouldn't have touched the mouse tonight.
US Poker law - sucks ass. We'll see how it all plays out. Affects me like it affects Kat, Guin, and Loud... I can still play, but if the US players start dropping, it'll lower the fun EV for sure.

Non-poker stuff. Busy freakin' weekend coming up with Thanksgiving and end of the vacation. But the last two weeks have been great, and incredibly rejuvinating.

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