Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Poker? She's Your Sister!

A 'quick' update. I'm back to my hearty losing ways online. Thank goodness, I was starting to think I maybe knew how to play this game. Played in the Bad Beat on Cancer tournament on Sunday, and held on for a few hours. No crazy moves, and went out just before the money. It was nice to be one of the few remaining bloggers around at that point. Congrats to Kat on finishing 10th! I also grabbed a shot of Change100's evil stack of 16,666... seemed appropriate, what with the horns and all.

Monday means I'm At The Hoy. Top 3 paid if I recall... I went out 8th. No big hands that I can recall... but then again, I was distracted by a phone call after I made the final table. Luckily(?) I was card dead, so it didn't affect me too much.

Tuesday, why it must be time for the WWdN. It was the emcee invitational, but in reality, it was the last WWdN for Loud for the forseeable future. Apparently a 14 hour time difference and a new job means playing poker at 10:30am isn't as plausible as it used to be. I went out 24th I believe. I played too many hands, and was really off my game... the Lagavulin might have had something to do with it too. Okay, it had a lot to do with it.

Mix in some horrible, horrible cash games the past couple days, two failed level 1 token attempts (why? see above, re: Scotch, although I did far better the 2nd time through), a SnG I was kicking ass in until I stopped kicking ass, and overall, it's been a not so great few days results-wise.

I've more or less got my positional awareness going these days, and I'm also adjusting my range based on the number of players, etc.. I still have to work on making moves though. People get the impression I'm a bit LAG-y with the number of raises I sometimes make, but it's actually very rare that I'm playing without a hand I like pre-flop. I think once I settle into where I'm trying to get, my results will start improving again. It's not like I'm doing horribly, but it can get a touch frustrating to continually come close to the cash, and miss.


mookie99 said...

Thanks for making it out to The Mookie last night. Congrats on the final table and cash finish.

Congrats for the bounty as well, it's easy to kill a wounded donkey huh :)

I've got your bet info, I'll be out there in a few weeks and will post pictures and results on my blog.

Guin said...

I have a bottle of that scotch as well. Very nice stuff but it sure makes your reads go out the window... I just start trying to play my own hands.