Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Yah.. no finish to that title. Played in the WWdN: Astin Invitational tonight. 52 entrants. One of them was a buddy of mine I bought in. Here's hoping I haven't started him on a road to destitution and gambling addicition. I finished 15th, which ain't too shabby. The old ugly beast of fear struck again towards the end. I raised a few hands short-stacked that I normally don't have a problem raising... and then got re-raised and ran away. Granted, the A9h was a good lay down into the Rockets... but after that, I got scared. Luckily, it didn't last long as I called an all-in with Jacks and ran into Kings. Yah, a dumbass move on my part, but I had an M of oh... I dunno... about 1.2.

I did like the hand that doubled me up earlier on though, when I had Bullets (for the 3rd time I think), and min-re-reaised MiamiDon's raise, inducing his all-in bet and my call. His Queens didn't hold up. A trap is always nice when it works.

So, out $22 between the two buy-ins (buddy finished in the high 20's... also not bad for a first time out and zero online poker experience). My Stars roll is sinking again (down about %49 from when I started keeping track from the reset). However, my overall roll is staying okay methinks. I went onto FCP to play a ring game there (0.25/0.50 NLHE), since I've got some bonus money to clear... left that game up around $101... so a + of $79 on the night. So a win for the night over all. I'd like to think my cash game is improving, but I could just be getting reeeeeeally lucky. So I'll ride this puppy as long as I can :).

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