Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wax On... Wax Off

Patience grasshopper donkey. Mookie last night. Went out in concert with Kat... me in 34th, her in 33rd (or maybe off by one there). I re-raised Kat's raise and Joanne's call all-in (M=8ish I think), when I found AKs in front of me. Kat called, Joanne called. Flop came down and Kat ended up all-in with Joanne still around. Well, well... Kat with ATc, Joanne with AQo... Gotta say I was a bit surprised by these hands, seemed quite out of character for both of them to call with 'em. Anyway, I believe the flop had both a T and a Q, and a spade... but alas, nothing more came to save me (be it J, running spades, or a K), and I was out. Obviously, I can't complain about my choice.

(Un)Fortunately, I was out before the 2nd chance started, so I bought into that... and went out in 11th I think. Wasn't really into it, so I don't even remember my final hand... but I think it involved a flush draw.

My problem, as is usual in these blogger things of late, was lack of patience and backbone. I'd get bored and limp or call with hands of mediocre worth, I'd pay to see one more card for my inside straight draw with face high. I'd fold to re-raises regularly, and crumple when the flop didn't hit me... instead of showing strength. Here's hoping I solidify again before I'm sitting at a real table this weekend. Otherwise, I'll be relying on the craps table and slots... not that I won't be anyway :).

That said, since my FT account had dropped to about $15 after those two, I decided to play some $0.10/$0.25 NLHE... and made a whopping $7 in not so long a time, I don't mind a 70% return.


mookie99 said...

Thanks for playing in The Mookie last night.

katitude said...

Astin! Where are you! Wanna play some pokah? And more importantly, how was Vegas?