Thursday, September 14, 2006

Vegas Baby!

Okay, so got it all booked last night. My buddy and I are heading down to Vegas for some tomfoolery and shenanigans next weekend. I guess all the other bloggers out there will be at The Bash.

What a pain. I suggested Vegas a month ago, but buddy had plans to go to the UK instead with someone, I was invited along. Then those plans fell through last week when the someone couldn't go anymore. Back to Vegas! Contact a couple other friends, who debate a while. One decides no, the other stays firmly on the fence for legitimate reasons. Problem is, the more you wait when you're going to Vegas in two weeks, the more expensive it gets.

Plan A was to stay at the Palms... it sold out. Then the hunt for an alternative kicked in. I decided on The Mirage... it was still affordable at the time. But the fence-sitter delayed us... and by the time it was decided he could book his own flight if he decided, The Mirage was priced out of budget. Now came the mad scramble... Choices that could be afforded at the time were The Wynn, MGM Grand, Luxor, and Treasure Island. The Wynn was cheap for about 30 minutes, and then jumped in price by the time I'd figured it out. In the end, Treasure Island won, due to it's proximity to The Mirage, Wynn, etc... and my love of pirates :).

Total cost per person (2 of us at the moment) for airfare and hotel? about $810 Canadian. Not too shabby for non-stop flights, and staying on the strip over a weekend, and putting it all together 1.5 weeks before departure. Still leaves plenty of room in the budget for gambling/eating/drinking/cab/show money. Wish me luck!

Now I get to put together a trip to Banff for 6+ people for December. I should just be a travel agent.

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