Thursday, September 07, 2006

Walk This Way

"This Way" being away from the table.

Played in the Tanner Evers charity tourney last night. 66 players, over $1,300 raised. Way to go everyone! I finished in 43rd, but 'twas all for a good cause... and hey, now I can say I was knocked out of a tournament by Andy Bloch :). Ok, so it was RoccoBoxer who actually did the knocking out... but Andy had me beat too. I could check, but I believe I went all-in short-stacked with A9d, and didn't improve... I blame the fact Rocco had pocket 9s (Andy had pocket 8s... poor me).

Played in a cash game on Full Tilt beforehand, trying to keep my balance up. Lost my initial $20, then won it back... and finally walked away after the tourney had been going for a while, since playing a cash game and a tournament at the same time makes the brain work too hard.

Afterwards, back to the cash game. $20 lasted me a while... and I was actually up a bit after a couple big wins. Brain says, "hey, not bad... time for sleep." Then the phone rings, and I'm talking for an hour while I've still got the game going in the background. Eventually donked it all away, and then, instead of shutting down and going to sleep... I donated another $20 to the cause... and lost that in about and hour or so. At least I'm getting the FT points to clear my bonus quickly :).

Man, I have to learn to control the devil. He performs many nefarious deeds - keeping me in cash games longer than is healthy, making me lie back down and close my eyes instead of getting ready for work, having me play just "a few more minutes" of whatever video game I've got going instead of leaving for an appointment, etc, etc.. Maybe I should cover him with a jar and not poke any air holes in it.

On the plus side, my poker play should be severely curtailed over the next 1.5 weeks. Toronto International Film Festival is on, and I've got my 10 shows to go see... which will eat up a good portion of my evenings. Really looking forward to seeing For Your Consideration at its gala showing this Sunday.


mookie99 said...

It was very cool of Andy to stop by and play the tourney with us.

Thanks so much for playing as well.

RoccoBoxer said...

Nice to play with you in the Tanner, Astin. Nice blog. Check out mine - you are mentioned.