Friday, September 18, 2009


So I've been playing a bit on Bodog. Still hate the client, the table layout, and the obvious lack of extensive usability testing. If it wasn't for the upcoming blogger series, I'd do a Bodog-Full Tilt cash swap with someone the software is so terrible.

BUT - I have a bonus to try and achieve at least SOME of. Since I tend to fail miserably at these pursuits (I rarely multitable, don't play much cash, and don't put in nearly enough hours), I'm curious as to how much I can actually achieve. Although the fact I haven't seen the "instant" 15% sign-up bonus bothers me...

Anyway, the point to all this is that I've been playing whatever quick single-table games I can find that are almost full, since I'm getting in late these days from films and such. And I've been cashing on a fairly consistent basis. These are TINY stakes mind you, but winning anything poker-wise these days feels good. It helps that the tables are stupidly soft, as reported.

Maybe I should start wearing my Bodog hat and shirt when I play...

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