Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NFL Picks Review

Let's see how I did...

CAR @ ATL - Me: ATL Reality: ATL
MIN @ DET - Me: DET Reality: MIN
CIN @ GB - Me: GB Reality: CIN Really?
ARI @ JAC - Me: JAC Reality: ARI
OAK @ KC - Me: OAK Reality: OAK
NE @ NYJ - Me: NE Reality: NYJ
NO @ PHI - Me: NO Reality: NO
HOU @ TEN - Me: TEN Reality: HOU
STL @ WAS - Me: STL Reality: WAS
TB @ BUF - Me: TB Reality: BUF
SEA @ SF - Me: SEA Reality: SF
PIT @ CHI - Me: CHI Reality: CHI
CLE @ DEN - Me: DEN Reality: DEN
BAL @ SD - Me: SD Reality: BAL
NYG @ DAL - Me: NYG Reality: NYG
IND @ MIA - Me: IND Reality: IND

Sooooo... that's 7 I got right. Not quite 50%. I'll need to refine for this weekend.

ATL, OAK, NO, CHI, DEN, NYG, and IND won. So I'll focus on those winning strategies. Except Oakland's was negated by Tampa's loss (same reasoning), so it will be the outlier.

ATL was picked due to alphabetical order of the city name. But that wouldn't have worked with Denver or the Giants. But if I'd used strictly this criteria, I'd have picked 9 winners. Hrmmm.

NO won because there's a saint who could talk to animals, and they were playing the Eagles. This seems a sound strategy.

CHI won because I like saying "Da Bears!" but that will grow old, so will depend on my mood.

NYG won because they're freakin' Giants. Also, they were playing Dallas. So they can only lose to teams who could conceivably beat giants.

IND was picked because I was feeling nostalgic for the heady days of 90's CFL and the Baltimore Colts. That won't last either, and also is rarely useful unless Shreveport gets an NFL team (or Birmingham, Las Vegas, Memphis, San Antonio or Baltimore).

So, alphabetical order, powers of persuasion over their opponents, and physical advantage seem to be useful metrics for picking teams.

Now to start my in-depth research into this week's matchups.


SirFWALGMan said...

Boy you sucked this week. Not even the hard picks against the spread either. Stick to Hockey eh?

OhCaptain said...

Why on earth would you ever pick Detroit to win a game? Total sucker bet.

Astin said...

OhCaptain - Because Dawn Summers was betting against them in a suicide pool. I figured the universe might hate her more than the lions. I was wrong. Detroit is truly fucked.