Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Atlantic City - Fo' Reals This Time

Okay, it's been talked about in the past, and while there's always a small percentage chance it won't happen until I buy the plane tickets (which will happen by Thursday), this time it's for real.

Heading to Atlantic City for the first weekend of August. Probably getting in Friday afternoon, and leaving Monday morning. The joy of a long weekend in these parts.

Flying into Newark, because the hour saved in driving from Philly isn't worth the hour in driving to the big airport here instead of the small one that has flights to Newark. And 10 hours of driving each way ain't gonna happen.

It's looking like it'll be me and my buddy N, unless we can scrounge up some other degenerates who have the cash for the trip. (flights run around $460 CAD round trip at the moment, then there's the rental, and the hotel... oh, and the gambling money).

So, anybody want to head on down to AC and help us fish? Lord knows enough of you head there regularly anyway, and can't really need much of an excuse. Hell, some people are visiting the east coast that week anyway, and will have to be tired of NYC by then, right? Some big winners regret not playing more live poker, and should take the opportunity. Did I mention the Borgata $500,000 Deep Stack is that weekend? Not that I'll be playing in it necessarily, but it should mean a higher population of tilted players or those desperate to scrape together a satellite buy-in at the cash tables.

Or, if you can't make it, I'll take any AC advice you have. There's got to be a worthwhile restaurant or two there, right? Hotel/casino suggestions? Best places to not get shived? I'm going in blind after all, and I'm far too pretty for Jersey.


edgie212 said...

Hi there, NYC'er and poker blog reader here. I'd be happy to pass on my AC knowledge.

Food: Assuming you'll be spending time at the Borg, Bobby Flay Steak is a great choice. However, Caesar's has a flashy upper level in their pier complex that features some great spots, including Buddakan, my personal favorite asian fusion place. Over at the Trop, there are a couple of good places, including the imposing and dark Red Square restaurant, which serves up a good borscht and has an ice slide to deliver vodka into glasses. I'd also recommend the Trop for bargain-basement alcohol options, and generally has the largest population of shitfaced fraternity boys who will gladly hand over their fishy money at the cash tables. Which leads us to Poker...I personally have no love for the Taj, though some people recommend it...if you want to see where Phil Ivey cut his teeth as a teenager, fine, but I find it a little too gritty for my taste. While the Borg is the unquestioned poker capital in AC(great staff, some generally fishy weekenders, great table spread), there are also a lot of sharks in the water. For value, I'm a big fan of Showboat...nice staff, three well attended cheap tournaments a day as well as a decent cash game spread. Places that you can completely avoid include the other two Trump hotels, the Hilton and Bally's. I'm split about Harrah's...good cash action but the tournament structures there are TERRIBLE, though they do have one bounty tournament. They also tend to float some good hotel deals if you have a Total Rewards card, just go to their website. Their "new" tower is a better value than a standard Borgata room, thought below a Water Club style room.

Hope this was helpful in some way. I enjoy reading your blog!


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Would love to join you bro, but new baby is supposed to be coming that very weekend. And even winning 51k doesn't even come close to getting me enough points to head down to AC with that shitstorm (literally) right around the corner.

Play at the Borgata man, it is far and away the nicest poker room in the city. Sea Blue is a nice seafood restaurant in the Borgata as well if I recall. I too love Budokkan (and there are several other nice restaurants upstairs at the Pier complex) but you can also check out Morton's (steak), Nero's (also steak), and Primavera (Italian), which all all solid places to eat on the property at Caesar's. Also, Bally's has the Reserve (steak), and Arturo's (Italian) which are also good choices.

Best of luck.

BWoP said...

Borgata poker room.

Sea Blue tasting menu.

Rooms??? Yeah, I rarely bothered to book one. They aren't cheap.

Unknown said...

I would definitely join you if I still lived in NYC. I liked going to AC, but I can't think of any memorable meals I've had there. I think there's one fancyish Italian restaurant at the Borgata. Gus and I ate there for the relaxing ambience... and to celebrate our success at the craps table. Good luck at poker!