Friday, July 03, 2009

Time to Return to NLHE?

Played the nightly 5k PLO guarantee again last night. Damned Jordan. Anyway, out in the 130's when a nut flush didn't get there against top set and an overpair. Probably not the best spot to go for it, but the play is so terrible before you get to the 50's that it seemed worthwhile.

So I decided to fire up a $10 45-man SnG. Taking 1st in that was fun. The quad 9's helped. The set of kings followed immediately by the set of queens didn't hurt either. The big helper though was after those chipped me up from last to 3rd - when I saw cowboys again (let's say an orbit after the back-to-back sets) and called the 3 all-ins before me. AT, QQ, TT... the kings, amazingly, held, giving me around 3x the chips of second place and knocking out 3 players at once.

From there, 3rd fell quickly, and a back-and-forth HU match took place, with me finally finishing it off with QQ hitting a set on the flop followed by 45h flopping two pair on the next hand vs K5.

What? You expected me to win because of skill? HA! Luck is where it's at baby!

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