Thursday, July 30, 2009

That Took A While

Tomorrow I'm off to Atlantic City!

I get into Newark around 12:45, pick up the car, and head south.

Probably swing by a few camera stores on the way in search of a monopod. There's a couple on Elizabeth in Newark, and one more on the way that may be worthwhile. Or not. What do I know? Not much.

Check in, head out, meet up with Dawn and Mary, grab some grub, and then gamble it up.

Taj midnight seems to be the first call. Since dinner is at 7, I think I could squeeze some craps in there too. "Squeeze some craps" should never be said again.

That's about it as far as planning goes. Saturday's looking like it could actually be dry and sunny out, which lends itself to me grabbing the camera and heading to the boardwalk. Maybe there will be mini-golf. There should be salt water taffy and fudge. The type made with chocolate and sugar and stuff, not the dirty kind. Freak.

Of course, there will be more gambling, eating, and I might have a beverage or two.

Sunday? Well, looks like LJ may make an appearance, assuming she isn't arrested for going on a killing spree at her local Sears first. The continuation of nebulous "plans" will proceed with some combination of hanging out, gambling, eating, and drinking. We also move to Caesar's from the Slodge that night. Yay Total Rewards card.

Then Monday we grab grub and head home. This should be a long, fun, and ultimately refreshing (in an exhausting, body-killing way) long weekend. I'm looking forward to it.

I still think you should be there. Whoever you are.


BWoP said...

I can't be there :-(

Memphis MOJO said...

GL at the tables.