Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ice Cream

As anyone who reads here regulary knows, I make ice cream from time to time. Occasionally I serve it to bloggers.

I had a hankering to make some interesting stuff a couple months ago, and ended up making a bunch of delicious strawberry sorbet. I haven't made anything since, but have picked up a few pints of Baskin Robbins or a cone or three of Maypole's Polar Paws. Yah, lazy I guess. Also, running out of containers.

But there's apparently some sort of ice cream craze going on. I think it has to do with it being... summer.

My friend has gone and kicked off a itch in me to make some more. But my craving is different than last time. I'm thinking rich flavours.

So - Chocolate malt ice cream? Maybe. I love the flavour of malt in ice cream. But today I had another idea.

Dark chocolate and hot red chili ice cream. There are obviously many a bar of this stuff out there, but I feel the need to put it in ice cream form. Why not an ice cream that makes your tongue burn a little bit?

That's the project when I get back. Then the malt.

I can think of at least one person who may knock down my door for a bowl if it's any good.


Katitude said...

Knock at your door? Astin honey, I'll beating it down!

Astin said...

I believe I wrote "knock down", not "knock at" :)

Dawn Summers said...

Why is Astin trying to put me on "dude I came to the one Eh-vegas where Astin evidently did not cook and ply his American visitors with wine" tilt? #EXTREME@ASTINTOFAIL

OhCaptain said...

What Dawn said but with a bit less of a New York accent...