Friday, July 17, 2009

Poker, No Poker?

Hmm... I've had a bit of a bad run online of late. BR is once again approaching uncomfortably low levels. I've managed to extend the reload through some timely wins to the point where a reload doesn't sting as much though. Do I ever suck at poker. The 2 bubbly finishes in the nightly $5k didn't help. Need to work on my PLO aggression in the middle-late stages.

But I don't think I'll play tonight. Instead, I think I'll pop in a movie or two and find some way to lie comfortably without my back killing me. Maybe I'll finally get around to that new batch of chocolate chip cookie dough, to be turned into cookies 24-36 hours after I make it.

Yah, Friday night with no plans. It's a welcome respite. No real plans at all this weekend in fact. Which is fine by me, as next weekend is a housewarming and maybe a Niagara craps trip. The weekend after that is Atlantic City.... which is looking pricey. What the fuck is with those hotel prices? Harrah's is offering me my choice of hotels on the Vegas strip for free, and Caesar's for a pittance, but AC is asking for $350/night? Hey, Atlantic City - you're in FUCKING NEW JERSEY, get over yourself.

Whatever, Key West was free accomodations. Whistler was free rentals and lift passes. I can afford to pay a bit more for a middle-of-summer weekend getaway. Besides, I'll just pay for it with my winnings of course. Right?

You know what I'm looking forward to? Breakfast. I've got a hankering to make some waffles, which I haven't done in forever. I also crave real oatmeal. And fruit.

Pie wouldn't be bad either. I blame Kat for that one.

Strangely, I've gained weight the past couple weeks. I wonder why. Oh yah... the shitty back. It's dropped my activity level to zero, and increased my snacking due to a whole bunch of lying around being bored and in pain. Yup, I'll blame the back, and not the lack of willpower.

Perhaps I'll cease the rambling.... now.


BWoP said...

I always hated AC hotel room rates, which is why half the time I'd just crack out in the poker room and never get a hotel room. Try to find something on the Whitehorse Pike in Absecon. Not the loveliest of accommodations (we're talking Motel 6 quality), but it's about 8 miles to the Borgata and about 40% - 50% of the cost of staying in AC proper.

I think I've stayed at the SuperLodge . . . not too bad if all you're looking to do is crash for a bit and shower.

Nelson said...

"Hey, Atlantic City - you're in FUCKING NEW JERSEY, get over yourself."