Friday, August 14, 2009

Because I Don't Blog Enough

Here's a paraphrased version of a conversation I had with Julius_Goat last night.

JG: You seem to like movies.
Me: I do.
JG: Remember Filmchaw?
Me: Filmwha? Is that still on the Internets?
JG: Forget I asked.
Me: Nonono! I'm kidding baby. Here, have some flowers. I'm sorry.
JG: Yah right, I've heard that before.
Me: I mean it this time. I'm sorry I made fun of your dead film blog.
JG: UN-dead film blog. I'm resurrecting it!
Me: Oh?
JG: Yah, you want to write for it? PLEEEEEEEEEEASE?
Me: If I say yes, what's my commitment?
JG: None.
Me: I can work with that. How much does it pay?
JG: Nothing.
Me: Seems fair for the commitment involved.
JG: I agree.
Me: I also agree.
JG: Do you know how to make soap?
Me: Did YOU know that soap-making can be used as a cover to topple the credit card system?
JG: It's almost like we're the same person.
Me: Except we're totally not.
JG: Right.
Me: Any rules about Filmchaw?
JG: Well, the first rule of Filmchaw is: Talk to EVERYONE ABOUT FILMCHAW. I WANT HITS!

So, in my neverending (it's over) quest to compete with Dawn Summer's blogcount, I'm now writing over at Filmchaw with the Goat. Well, I haven't written anything YET, but I will.

I've got me some 25 Criterion DVDs to pick up tomorrow. Seem a good place to start.


Memphis MOJO said...

"So, in my neverending (it's over) quest to compete with Dawn Summer's blogcount,"

Just don't ever try to compete with her tweetcount. Your fingers will fall off.

Dawn Summers said...

I do not have that many blogs. I have a normal amount of blogs. The number of my blogs falls well within the range of proper number of blogs to have.

And I only tweet a moderate amount.