Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Must Be Summer

Let's see... Recess is weight training, Riggs and PirateLawyer are in a weight loss prop bet (which includes VinNay, Dr. Chako, and CEM now too), and of course Waffles is walking away the pounds when his foot isn't all gouty so that he can get himself some hotties when his ex-wife is gone (despite the protestations of his sister).

Yup. People looked at themselves in the summer light and realize they were fat bastards. I'm among this group too, except I'm not really doing much about it.

For the record: 181.2 this morning. A great weight for some, but a belly for me and my 5'10 1/2 frame. 'Tis my genes - it all goes to the gut.

I'm not joining or starting any prop bets, I'm not starting some master plan, hell, I'm not even walking more. But I do want to get back to 165, and would really be happy to see the 155-160 range I was in after the last time I actively tried to get back into shape.

Or I'll take 175 and low body fat... but that ain't gonna happen.

A lack of willpower doesn't help though. I like to eat. I like to cook. And I hate to waste food. I've also reached the point where I can't be bothered to track calories like I did last time.

So now that the back seems normal again, it's time to get back into the daily exercise routine. Easy stuff, 15-20 minutes, easing up the difficulty and length until I FEEL fit. The rest will take care of itself. Why? Because when you're a lump on the couch, you don't care what you eat. When you're actively DOING something, you start to think about the food and *I* start to realize how terrible some of it is. Right now, I'm all kinds of salt sensitive for some reason. If I increase the greens, then I'll start to notice the oil and grease in other things. The current attempt to give myself diabetes through sugar consumption (damn you fudge and taffy and jelly beans and m&m's and pie and ice cream!) is working nicely too.

It's August. I have a wedding to go to in 2 1/2 weeks, and then a lot of walking around Israel. I have another wedding (locally) in October to go to... one where I should really fit into the $1000 suit I've worn ONCE for the last big wedding I went to. I've gained 10lbs since then.

And I wouldn't mind looking trim come the December gathering.

The point of this? None really. I doubt I'll be tracking progress, and I'm not even looking for encouragement... just felt the need to verbalize it.


Shrike said...

Wuss. Bet it!


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I'm not fat... 165lbs, 6'0". :)

Btw, is the bloglines feed not working? I thought it was weird that the bloglines never showed that you updated and considering you usually post like 10 times a day, I came here to check and looks like you've been posting everyday (bloglines haven't shown new posts from you since Aug).

Memphis MOJO said...

If you lose too much weight, you'll have to change your blog title, right?

Astin said...

Recess - Whatever fatty. Yah, you're the exception - skinny dude who wants to be bigger.

No idea on bloglines, I haven't changed anything here, and I assume it's still going through Google reader.

SirFWALGMan said...

I an with you. I hate changing diet. I will make small adjustments but much rather just exercise. I am 5"7. 175 now. Looking to go to around 150 also. I store everything in my stomach too. It is sick. I will have like twig arms and a big tummy. lol.