Friday, August 07, 2009

V-E-G- you know the rest

And it ain't "etarian"


Here I still, still bitching about by Atlantic City losses, still blowing New Jersey germs into clean Canadian tissues, and the lovely, talented, far-more-organized-than-me April goes and lets us know there's a WPBT tournament scheduled for... December 12th! At Caesars!


Funny thing is, I was just writing up the e-mail to my usual gang of friends about it before the news hit.

Flights are now in the somewhat reasonable range from Toronto, but still far from the deals of last year.

Doesn't matter though. *I'LL* be there. Harrah's is giving me my money back dammit! That, or someone across the table is.

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BWoP said...

The milkshake machine!!!