Tuesday, July 18, 2006

About Last Night...

So, I figured I'd give this Mondays At The Hoy thing a try after bombing out in my first Mookie last week. I've played in the Tuesday WWdN tourneys since they started, but have missed my fair share of them (that pesky "life" keeps getting in the way), and only cashed once, with a 6th place 3 weeks ago.

So that's my brief "blogger tourney" history.

Like I've said, I was a bit bummed after my "near"-miss at the 150 Guaranteed on Sunday, but figured I should complete the circuit of blogger tourneys and play the Hoy. I'm glad I did.

What can I say? I'm amazed that not only did I win the thing, but that I held onto 1st place for most of the tourney. After moving up there before the 1st break, the lowest I dropped was 3rd, and that was only for a few hands. I think I had a bit of luck on my side. I saw a lot of faces, not a small amount of aces, even the mighty Hammer a couple times... and more importantly, didn't go card dead for more than an orbit or so the entire game. I caught my fair share of draws and TP's as well. Probably most importantly, I was able to walk away when I needed to, and make the right calls at the right time. I guess that's essentially poker in a nutshell, isn't it? That's right, I'm the guy to come to for my mindboggling grasp of the obvious, with a dash of tautology mixed in.

Is it wrong for me to think it was all a conspiracy to let me win so I'd keep tossing my money down the tubes later on?

Regardless, it was a great feeling, and it was an honour to play with the people I played with. These 4 weekly games (MATH, WWdN, Mookie, WWdN: Not) are truly just great big home games. They're more an excuse to shoot the shit, talk a little smack, and learn some poker than they are hardcore tournaments. It's a blast, and I'm glad they've become staples. They're especially nice when you consider the number of complete assholes that are at the online tables, who do little more than detract from an otherwise enjoyable time. It's no surprise that even the bloggers that decide to "take a break from poker" make the exception to still play at these.

Thanks to everyone I played with. I'll see you out there again.

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katitude said...

it was big fun Astin...see ya tonight!