Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Ok, so I'm a bit happy. I was going to buy my way into the WSOP 150 seat Guaranteed anyway, but I figured I'd try and satellite my way in first. I think this is my 5th or 6th attempt since Monday (4th satellite, and 1 or 2 super attempts). Granted, I tried a few before the 150 seat tourney was announced, and made it to the WSOP package tourney a couple times... but hey, this is the last shot.

I've been running at a mediocre pace lately, and haven't actually played that much in the past couple months. So it's nice to know I accomplished something... even if it is fairly minor, and took no small amount of luck to make it.

I played well at the start, and in the middle... but towards the end of the middle, I tailed off. One boneheaded move hurt me, and then I went card dead as the blinds rocketed. The end game was essentially the standard "wait until my time bank starts ticking" wait for others to get knocked out. Eventually I found myself in dead last, with 2579 in chips (and blinds at 10000/20000 + 1000 ante), and the BB bearing down on me... and it hit me. Hard. I was all-in, with a whopping 38o in front of me... against A4o. Flop - KQ6 rainbow. Turn - 5. River - 3!! I take the 10158 pot. Next I get put all-in by paying the SB and Ante... with K8o, facing K5o. Hey! I'm dominating :) River - 78J. Turn - J. River - 8!! Full Boat baby! I gladly take the 25316 in the pot, and the button. The next hand was the one that ended it for everyone, and I get to play on Sunday!

So yah... TONS of luck came my way exactly when I needed it. Which is good, because any skill I had went out the window about 20 minutes earlier, and I thought it took my luck with it. It's just nice to win something. And it looks like I also get Silverstar status for a month for playing the 150... they're good at latching onto you. Way to make me keep playing Poker Stars.

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