Sunday, July 16, 2006

It's better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all....

I guess that goes for poker as well. Today was the MASSIVE 150 Guaranteed seats tourney at Pokerstars. As I said below, I won my way in last week. At game time - 7,377 entries. 234 seats up for grabs.

At the end for me, 6 hours later - 358/7,377.. missing the seats by 124 spots. I got lucky... I played smart once or twice, and stupid a few times too. I chickened out at least once that would have made a big difference if I was ahead.. but I couldn't pull the trigger. In the end, with an M a bit over 4, and pocket 9s in my face UTG, I went all-in. Maybe I should have just raised, but it was a tight table at this point. I got called by the BB with AJs. A hits the flop, by the river I needed the 9, or a 7 for the straight... neither hit and IGH.

I reached as high 101st, and I outlasted some pretty prominent poker bloggers. I did far better than I had any right to. Outlasting over 7,000 other players and finishing in the top 5%. Still, to see nothing at the end when you are SO CLOSE really sucks. Ah well.

Some highlights:

My best rank - 101

I actually prefer Kilkenny... no offense intended. And no, I'm not the one that folded.

I'd go home.. but I'm already here. 358th :(

So, a few more shots this week it looks like. I'm not dead yet! But I seriously doubt I'll be seeing the inside of a Vegas casino this month. Maybe I'll go to Niagara and pretend :).

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