Wednesday, July 19, 2006

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Ok, I'm a liar. I mean, I claimed there wouldn't be a lot of updates in my header up there... and now it's 4 days in a row. I'll try and slow that down.

So, entered the weekly WWdN tourney on Stars last night. As I said, I've only cashed in one before, and that was a 6th place finish in June. Other than that, I've bubbled a couple times, and sniffed the final table. Last night I came in 3rd.

I got up to 1st, held it for a while, went back and forth, dropped as low as 9th, and then ended up undeservedly going out with the bronze. Again, my cards were good for most of the night. I got worried when we were down to 6 or 7, as they started cooling off. Some aggressive play kept me alive though.

Then I got into a couple all-in hands with Iakaris, who was dominating the last half of the game, but hit a rough patch at the end. I had no right winning either of them (I was dominated in both I think), but ended up rivering the wins and sending him out in 4th. My river luck didn't hold up a hand or two later when I was all-in against KentAllard with A6o vs his A9 or somesuch. I hit my 6 on the flop, but he rivered the straight to send me home 3rd. Congrats to him for winning the whole thing.

The only other hand I recall at all was against Guin when I was moved to his table. I had KJo I believe, and he had the Hilton Sisters. Flop comes JJx, he bets, I raise, he goes into the tank and asks "overpair?" .... beat... beat... "set?" I don't say, he re-raises all-in, I call, he says, "set." as do I. I get richer. I always feel bad knocking out a fellow Canuck, and I did it to two of 'em last night. I still haven't knocked out Kat though, so I might live a little while longer yet, since she COULD technically hunt me down fairly easily if she chose. :)

Anyway, 1st at the Hoy, 3rd at the WWdN (which had ~20 more players)... do I try for the trifecta tonight at The Mookie? If I get home in time - belated birthday dinner for mom. Or I could buy in early and hope to get back before the blinds get me. We'll see.

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