Thursday, April 19, 2007


First - In December 1900, Ladies Home Journal published this list of predictions for the year 2000. It's a great list. Some are bang-on, some get it half right and the take a strange left turn, some are relegated to extensions of the existing technology of the time, and some are completely nuts. One thing that struck me was how little knowledge of the interconnectivity of species in an ecosystem there was. There was little thought to wiping out entire populations of insects or the decimation of large mammals.


I was completely wiped yesterday. Out with coworkers for drinks, a fantastic dinner, and more drinks, I strolled in at 1am, and was in bed around 2. I have cat. He doesn't do well when he gets all night alone to sleep and then I come home and don't pay any attention to him... so I didn't sleep well due to many a meow and batting of items off my nightstand. I do, however, have a spray bottle handy, and one very wet kitty (see I avoided the obvious joke?) later, I was able to snag a couple hours of rest before my alarms went off.

I also happened to receive my Wii that night, although I was too tired to unpack it. What's all this leading to? The Mookie. I'd come home, set up the Wii, played with that, and then fired up the Mook on about 4 hours of sleep and a full day of work. I finished 31st, which met my meager goal of finishing in the points, and maintaining my played/points streak (6/6, I missed two events). I was reading everyone right last night, but didn't realize that until after I folded my ladies to osu's AQs that caught nothing, but his all-in was enough to get me out of the tiny side-pot we were fighting for (the main went to the rockets that were all-in). I did make the right call when someone (TripJax? Not sure), re-raised my 3x BB bet with AQd and I called with my short stack and pocket 4s. Too bad about the A on the flop.

Al's Riverchasers tonight at 9 at FT. I've played in this once, maybe twice before, so we'll see if I can make the points this time with a very different field of regulars.

It also seems the next WBPT (#4) event is Sunday, and it's Limit HE. I have yet to ever play in one of these due to orignally not being a blogger, and then the events always falling at inconvenient times. I might actually make this one... although I'll be multi-tabling with that WSOP ME satellite on Stars methinks. Well, I HOPE to be multi-tabling and not grumbling about how I went out in 732nd.


WPBT in Vegas in June. Looks like it's finally starting to gather steam. I plan on going, but I'm waiting on the seat sales to kick in, since I plan to fly out Thursday night and back Sunday night, meaning premium Vegas ticket prices (althought it's still < $700 CAD non-stop). Orleans? That's off the beaten track. Not that it matters as long as you go where the party's at and can slur your hotel name to the cabbie. But I wonder if cab fare will wipe out hotel savings? I'm still undecided on where I'll stay. I've got me a soft spot for TI, but that's on the other side of the world if everyone's staying at Orleans. Regardless, I'm looking forward to meeting my fellow donkeys


Falstaff said...

Hope to meet you in June! There's a free shuttle from the Orleans to Gold Coast, which is right in the middle of the strip, so that will help with cab fare.

lj said...

i'm still making my way through your blog (while i play the blogger bracelet race and an ftops satellite) so it's possible i just missed it, but -- where did you get your wii? i'm always asking whenever i pass a circuit city or best buy, but they NEVER have them!

Astin said...

Well, this is a bit late in reply, but I got it from the Future Shop (Canadian store - like Circuit City/Best Buy) website. There's a ton of sites out there dedicated to tracking Wii availability.