Thursday, April 26, 2007

Poker Can Go...

...fuck itself. No, I'm kidding. I love me my poker, and even my shitty performance last night in the Mook won't sour me. Out something ridiculous, like 65th of 72 or something. Certainly out of the points, so that streak is over.

In the first 2 orbits I saw KK, 88, 66, and a bunch of other perfectly playable hands that caught zilch better than a draw. The 88 is the ONLY one that netted me anything. KK I folded to an ace and two hearts on a flop when Prophesy reraised me. He had JTh... I fumed a bit, and got the snowmen on the next hand, the 66 ran into Smokkee's TT. I so suck.

I very quickly found myself with about 450 in chips and blinds at 30/60... so I came over the top of Iak's min-raise when I found AQo. He called with 33 and sure enough a 3 came on the flop. Then the 4-flush by the river, and me with no club gave him the J-high flush to overkill me. Not my night.

Maybe it was the drink I poured myself a couple hours earlier with dinner... apparently 3 types of vodka, cointreau, and some blue curaƧao, whilst tasty, don't make me a better poker player. Next time I'm just making juice. At least I got to bed at a more reasonable hour than usual.

Didn't play a lick of poker afterwards... I almost loaded up a token game, and realized I wasn't in the right state of mind to play even a play money tournament. Good fold me.

Anyway, I may play in the Donkament on Friday... I'll definitely play if I've got no other plans. I'm going to miss the bracelet race on Sunday though, since I have a home game to play in and a title to reclaim after I missed the last one. Always a good time that game. Next week I'm out of everything due to my being on the west coast for the week, so I fully expect that I'll have to fight my way back up the leaderboard when I get back.

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