Friday, April 13, 2007

A Weekend of Degeneracy Awaits!

Went out 25th of 77 in Das Mooken on Wednesday. Good for 36 points in the BBT. AKo apparently is no good against cowboys. Stupid cowboys... and the horse they rode in on.

Anyhoo. Went to The Rocky Horror Show last night and had the expected level of fun. I didn't have time to get dressed accordingly, but mayhaps those days are behind me anyway. That said, I was just about the ONLY audience member who participated vocally. Sure, some people picked up on SLUT! and ASSHOLE! or "Boooorrring" chants when the Narrator was on. Post-intermission a couple more participants spoke up for the obvious lines. But really, I was the only one who kept it up with any sort of regularity, and I missed a TON. On the plus side, it's not often that one is solely responsible for getting a sold-out 876-seat theatre laughing heartily. Ah dick jokes... do they ever get old?

Tonight I'll be missing the Donkament for the Raptors-Pistons game. Raps win, Heat lose, and the good guys get 3rd in the East all locked up, with 2nd still in reach. Andrea Bargnani may be making his return tonight as well. Plus, the 1st place Pistons vs the 3rd place Raptors should make for a great game.

Tomorrow will be focused on getting a token for The Big Game. I played a couple tier-1 peeps last night but really wasn't into it. Although I went out 7th (stupid bubble) in the first. I've only been able to play one of the Token Frenzies this week, and came damn close to tokening there too. Worse comes to worst, I'll just buy in on Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday - now that will be a day of pokering. As usual, the Big Game and my club's monthly deep-stack long grind tournament fall on the same day (since they both happen on the 3rd Sunday of the month). Luckily, they're 6 1/2 hours apart, so I'll have plenty of time for both, and probably some cash in between. Could be either a very profitable or very costly day.

There's a couple holes in my tournament game I might work on getting plugged tomorrow... we'll see.

Uh-oh, Happy learned how to putt.

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