Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hoy Redux

"I'm going to take down the BBT with 11th place finishes." - Me, tonight, post-knockout though.

I'll add a +/- 2 on that 11th though.

Not too much to say, played my game, got in trouble early on, but double-stacks means I can make some mistakes and loosen up a bit. Pokertart on my right was NOT helping though. Crazy westerners (well, west to ME) and their aggressive play and big blind stealing from their fellow Canucks. For shame! Naw, she played a solid game, I just had nothing to go to war with. Apparently though, InstantTragedy did.

It was suckout city tonight, especially near the final table. In the span of maybe 7 hands... AJo beat QQ with flopped trip Jacks, 88 beat 99 to knock out #10, I got knocked out 11th (hence the quote) when Tragedy's K6o beat my KQs with a 6 on the turn, A4 beat KK with a 3-6 straight, etc, etc.. It was nuts. We were calling each suckout, and they were hitting.

Other highlights? (note: I'm not in any of them), Wigginx and Sir Al facing off with AJo each (GOLD), and this hand.. only numerologically speaking:

So, I got me some points, added a couple more to the Yahoo list, and had fun... all before midnight. Can't complain.

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