Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rise of the Jays

Okay, so big Leafs game tonight, because they all are now. Go Buds! Also, go Bruins!

Raptors now aiming for a division clinch and a home-court advantage.

Jays season started yesterday.

Yes, I'm a homer. But not a bandwagon jumper I thank you very much (okay, maybe the Raptors, but that's because I'm not a huge basketball fan).

Jays = wow. This is possibly the best team they've fielded since the back-to-back (+ strike year = 3 year champs! :) ) World Series teams. When the meat of your batting order goes from 1-6, (Johnson, Overbay, Glaus, Thomas, Wells, Rios), and then a guy like Aaron Hill who hits for average, and a clutch hitter like Zaun are in your bottom 3... well... I'd say you'll see a lot of hitting.

Roy Halladay is, bar none, the best pitcher in the majors. If it wasn't for freak injuries and a mediocre bullpen backing him up, he'd have at LEAST 3 Cy Young awards instead of 1, and he's a workhorse. A.J. Burnett at #2 is no slouch either, especially once his arm healed up last year. Chacin at #3 could be interesting - he reminds me of Jack Morris... he'll only give up as many runs as you can afford. Leading 1-0? He'll pitch a shutout. Leading 6-0? He'll give up 5, but not 6, and this team should be all about run support. Ohka's got something to prove, and Towers has a paycheque he wants to justify. I like what I've seen from Josh in the spring, and his attitude is great. Hell, he's learning from Halladay now, and that's got to be good.

Bullpen is tighter than last year, with the only big question mark being who's going to be doing the setup for B.J. Ryan?

Oh? And all those hitters? Pretty damn good in the field too.

2nd in the AL East last year behind the Yankees and ahead of the Bo Sox... 1st is VERY possible this year, and the Wild Card should be no problem at all. If everyone stays healthy of course.

I'm missing the home opener, but I'll be at the SkyDome (Rogers Centre be damned) a fair bit this season methinks.


Oh yah, missed The Hoy last night, plan to make The Wheatie. I love the BBT concept. Unfortunately the only one I'll be able to make this week is the Mookie (maybe), and I'll miss the Hoy next week as well. See... I'm heading off to Paris for Easter weekend, and won't be back in time for the usual Monday fun. I can think of worse predicaments to be in.

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