Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Long Time No See

So, there was a Monday at The Hoy last night. Strange that it would fall on a Monday. As I've rued in the past here, I tend to bubble in these things. If it's not a cash bubble, it's a final table bubble. I'm sure looking at past results would reveal that this is all in my head and I actually do far worse.

Regardless, I know it's been a while since I've actually cashed in one, which is a shame since the prize pool has been rather large of late with the BBT in full effect and The Hoy becoming a token buy-in. So getting 3rd last night felt pretty good, both for the cashing and the points. Especially since I almost didn't make it in.

You see, I thought it started at 10:30. Heroes was back, and a friend was over to watch it. Luckily, Heroes is on at 8pm here in Toronto (because the station airs 24 at 9), and my friend was ready to head home at 9:30. I signed up before driving her and made it back having missed only 3 hands. Fascinating stuff, I know.

As usual, don't expect any insights into my play. I played the cards mostly right, and quickly focused after folding a winning hand to a well-played Hammer on the turn. I have no problem losing to a hammer, but I do have a problem when I think "This smells like a Hammer bet" and then get scared. I trusted my reads a lot more after that, and it saved my skin a few times, and got me some chips the rest of the time. Traps, bluffs, and the usual fun (including one or two suckouts) saw me hit first with 33 runners left. I stayed near the top for the rest of the game, regaining 1st a couple more times, and holding it into the final table. I dropped as low as 6th due to eventual winner scots_chris catching cards whenever I raised. Lucky me they were calling cards, not raising cards. Unlucky me, they caught regularly. However, I was smart enough to fold, and he was kind enough to show.

Once the bubble burst, action was quick. I'd say it was maybe 15 minutes from 6 left to the end.

And for those keeping track in the home game, I saw pocket aces 3 times last night. One of them knocked out someone, another got folded to pre-flop, and the 3rd won on the flop. Does my hammer that flopped a pair of aces count too?

Probably missing The Wheatie AGAIN tonight, but should make The Mookie tomorrow. Then I'll be missing all the BBT events next week as I'll be attending a funeral in BC and staying for a few days. Flying out Monday night, coming back Friday. I'll have to drop Schaubs and Fuel a line and see if we've got some coinciding free time to meet up.


Schaubs said...

If you are here on May 4th let me know. We can head to the FCPC (Fuel's club) or meet up at the River Rock for some 1/2NL that night. email me at schaubonds73@yahoo.ca

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Well done last night, Astin. Although only three pocket Aces? Damn that must've been most frustrating for you.

Seriously though, very nice run through a hugely tough field. Congrats on the solid cash.

Astin said...

I do what I can with the limited aces dealt to me. Getting two of them at the final table was timely though.

Thanks, a great time as always on a Monday.

Blinders said...

Nice job last night. I had you as the one to beat at the final table, but prolly just becuase you were the only one I recognized and seemed to be in command of your stack.

Astin said...

Nice of you to say Blinders. I aimed to take it down, but just couldn't catch against scots_chris when we were in a hand together. Heck, I think the last hand between us I had QJ and he had KQ. Sometimes the cards just don't fall your way.

I noticed you were mostly picking your spots towards the end... a smarter move than I made for sure.