Friday, November 17, 2006

Dinner Is Served

So, had a friend over last night, so no DADI, no CC, no WWdN Not, no donk2shark... no poker. Not a problem really, although I would have liked to have played the last DADI.

Instead, I cooked. Considering how little I've been home the past couple weeks, this was a welcome change. I love to cook, and was afraid most of the contents of my fridge would have to be disposed of after the last three weeks of not making dinner.

Luckily, what I needed was still edible (although it was a close call on the ham). So dinner was Chicken Cordon Bleu (with rosemary ham, applewood smoked cheddar, and seasoned parmesan breading), stir fried veggies (mmm... garlic, and broccoli, and onions, and zucchini), and some of the best mashed potatoes I've made (the secret is the parmesan and spices... and lots of butter.. and milk). I also managed to pull off the incredible feat of getting everything to be finished at the same time. Lord knows how many times I've made a meal that involves at least one part of it being kept warm while the rest is 20 minutes behind.

It's been a good week. My crappy poker karma at the start seems to have been balanced by life going well. Drinks and the BEST sushi I've ever had (Doku 15) on Tuesday on the boss' dime, running unexepctedly into friends on Wednesday, when buying a Nintendo DS, which led to dinner with more friends. New toy with the DS. Home got tidied up finally yesterday, combined with a great dinner... and now it's Friday and I'll be seeing some great improv on The Danforth tonight, and seeing a high school friend I haven't seen in ages make with the funny... which is completely unexpected since I was originally going because of someone else in the cast. I always tell people Toronto is just a small village of 2.6 million people. Top it off with another friend's 30th tomorrow, and sitting around aimlessly on Sunday will be a welcome respite. Or maybe I'll head out for a live game if the mood takes me.

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