Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Easy Come...

Well, that was short-lived. Let's look at the flipside of the donkeys flooding the sites.

I've got just over $2 in my Stars account now. Why? Well, occasionally due to me being suckered into a well-played hand. Mostly though, due to the always popular fucking donkeys and their fucking rivers. I don't know, you flop two pair on a rainbow, non-straightening flop and check-raise a guy all-in. He calls with an A3o that paired the 3??? Of course, the next 3 hits the river.

Runner-runner straights, flushes, 2-outer full boats... I think I've seen them all over the past couple days. I've taken most of them with a nod and moved on. But twice I've walked away having lost what I started with after the moron reacts like he just made the greatest move in the history of Poker. There's little as annoying as a "yesssss!" when somebody rivers their THIRD STRAIGHT IN A ROW (all rivered).

But, I'm pissed at myself most of all - I got cocky and let it beat me. I don't think I made too many horrible moves, and I wasn't play every hand in an effort to catch... but I got sick of letting go of decent hands to people who raised with nothing.

So I might play the Mookie tonight, I might not. My FT account is still okay, and I should really start chipping up my FCP account again... once they figure out their transition problems. Hell, maybe I'll see how Absolute is doing these days. At Stars though, I'm going to try and turn $2 into $200... let's see how that works. At least I've still got the winnings from the live tourney. Don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly betting my shirt here... and I think the fact I'm so put off right now is a good sign -- it means any amount of cash still matters to me. If I wasn't so beat today, I'd probably head out again tonight for the live game.

Or maybe I'll just sit at home, catch up on Torchwood, play some Ultimate Alliance, fire up the Gamecube, read a book or 12, or most likely -- try out my brand new DS Lite. Hmm.. looking back at that, I'd think I was 18... but nope, I'm just a geek.

15 days until I leave for Banff for some skiing and possibly gambling (in Calgary, guess I should talk to Jo). A month until bonus time at work... that could be dangerous. If the blogger trip to Vegas was the following weekend, I'd be all over it like a fat kid on a smartie. As it stands though, I'll just have to live vicariously through the rest of you.

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