Friday, November 24, 2006

Live and Let Die

Well, last night was eventful. Or not. Had about $4 left in my Stars account (after putting in min deposit to play in the WWdN). Played a couple $1+.20 45-man SnG's where I got sucked out on time after time (is there nothing greater than the runner-runner straight suckout with A6o when you keep calling pot-sized bets and have nothing before that straight fills in?) Took my last $1.61 and ran it off in a 0.01/0.02 cash game. So, cash balance is zero once again.

Been playing in the Aston Martin satellites. I've only played one of the 25 FPP MTTs, since 10pm is a bit late to get into a 1600+ person tourney on a work night... even if half the players drop in 30 min. I've played a few of the 100 FPP double-shootout SnG's though. Last night I got knocked out in 7th, which has been my best showing so far. It's tough to play in the all-in fests with no cards, but that said, I was proud of my play in my first table. I played the scare cards well, played the good cards well, and when I ended up hurt by a river 3-outer and ended up short-stacked, I was able to take the lead through some sold short-stack play and win the table. Problem was, I zoned out on the final table. I started looking at other things, surfing the web, etc... and totally didn't take advantage of the early tight play, which hurt me when the blind:stack ratio got ugly. I made some decent moves and in the end lost when my KJo ran into A5s and the 5 hit on the flop. Still, I've got another 1,000 FPPs to go through, let's see if I'll be playing for a DBS when the rest of the blogger world is in Vegas. Of course, if I win, I'll have to refer to it as the Astin Martin intead.

All said, while I had nothing to show for it, last night felt like good poker for the first time in awhile. Getting sucked out on isn't the greatest feeling in the world, but at least you know you weren't the cause of your loss. Knowing you played well takes the sting out of losing... especially when there's no money on the line.

Debating on hitting the live game again tonight... guess it depends on whether or not I make other plans in the meantime. Considering I plan on drinking heavily all day tomorrow, maybe poker could be the least dangerous option tonight.

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