Thursday, November 02, 2006


It appears that just about everyone is doing this write-a-novel month thing. Bully for all y'all. No, seriously, I'm impressed by your valiant literary efforts. You definitely show more ambition than me. Then again, there are days the ambition of a sea sponge is a stretch for yours truly. Regardless, good luck to everyone who is making the attempt.

I, however, am tempted to start the NaSeWriMo - National Sentence Writing Month. Yup. One word every few days to get out a whole sentence by the end of the month. But that would get tired quickly. Instead, I will write the occasional very short story to show my solidarity with your cause.

Today's entry:

My first, and last, thought -- you.


katitude said...

A, that is some clever, clever stuff.

I wish I'd seen the NaSeWriMo pleases my underachiever soul *grin

Astin said...

But how pathetic would someone feel if they didn't complete the NaSeWriMo challenge?

I often adopt the motto: Aim Low.